Korres Shower Gel Review

Korres Natural Components vs Synthetics

Korres Shower Gel Mint Tea

Korres Shower Gel Mint Tea

The list below shows the natural component that are used in Korres Natural Products instead of synthetics.

That is the reason that  Korres products are not only skin friendly but also environment  friendly.







VEGETABLE OILS which have excellent compatibility with the skin, including nourishing and moisturizing properties

MINERAL OIL which blocks the pores of the skin

A SPECIALISED COMBINATIONS OF VEGETABLE OILS for excellent compatibility, easy absorption, a velvety non oily texture and nourishing, moisturizing properties

SILICONES which block the pores of the skin and are not biodegradable

BOUTYLENE GLYCOL which is safe, compatible, and gentle to the skin

PROPYLENE GLYCOL which have been shown to cause allergies

L-ARGININE a great pH regulator with excellent compatibility and moisturizing properties

ETHANOLAMINES which have been linked to allergies and skin irritations

ACTIVE EXTRACTS for increased stability

COMMONLY USED PLANT EXTRACTS which can be unstable

NATURAL VITAMIN E for stronger antioxidant properties

SYNTHETIC VITAMIN E which does not have the clinically proven antioxidant effectiveness of natural vitamin E


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